We offer multiple waste offtake systems partners can choose from according to their individual preference.

Possible waste offtake methods:

  1. In the case of our biggest partners, we deploy multilift or other types of containers to establish the technical conditions for selective waste collection. Then, subject to fee payment, we ensure the regular offtake of homogenous waste of pre-determined quality – by request also via scheduled pick-up rounds. On arrival at the site, we classify and weigh the waste, which forms the basis of the settlement with the partner.
  1. The partner implements its own separate collection system at the site of waste generation. The waste collected here is transported by our partner’s own means of transport to our company’s premises, where it is weighed and graded. We then issue the proofs of receipt and prepare the settlement.
  1. In cooperation with municipalities, as well as local public service providers, we offtake residential electronic waste produced via organized collections. During these collections – once or twice a year –, we use tailgate trucks and/or multilift container trucks. We also provide professional loading staff, who perform collection in cooperation with local organizers.

In order to provide waste offtake-related services, we possess hundreds of containers and container-moving vehicles and designated machinery. The transport services are performed under constant professional supervision, with immediate intervention if required.