Our company operations extend to the waste management of paper and film products, which belong to the light, packaging, printing industry group.

The main goal of the business line is to collect packaging, paper and film waste produced in the packaging and printing industry, as well as sorting, separating and preparing the collected waste.

With the technology applied, our processing plant is suitable for the sorting and baling of various waste types. We also ensure that the sorted materials are stored professionally, in a manner that prevents mixing.

The multi-function sorting plant is suitable for separating various waste types even within the different categories of paper and plastic. Processed in individual lots, so-called “jointly collected packaging waste” may also be sorted, where paper, composites and plastic and metal-based packaging waste is separated.

Modern infrastructure

Processing is carried out in a 1,000 m2 hall with a 5,000 m2 storage area, where the site’s specificities allow separate areas for the specialized storage of paper waste and plastic waste.

The plant is also equipped with a shredder suitable for the permanent disposal of sensitive office documents, as well as paper-based and also electronic and/or magnetic or optical media, according to the applicable standards. We offer this special service to our customers individually, as well as related to packaging waste.

During continuous operation, the compressing force of the baling equipment can reach a bale weight up to 500 kg/bale of corrugated cardboard, and 400 kg/bale of film waste. This enables the delivery trucks to transfer the produced secondary raw material to the recovery plant with maximum capacity.