Tasks of this business line include collecting, preparing and recovering plastics from various industrial wastes.

We collect used plastic from packaging, automotive, electronics and other industries, then prepare and recover it. Business line operations include plastic waste trade, which is well supplemented by the recovery capacity. The main focus in producing end products is the pursuit of the business-economic optimum.

Steps of processing plastic waste: collection and processing of packaging and/or food industry bottles (PET and PP/HDPE material waste)

We possess advanced technology for processing PET waste. Sorting of bottles is done by material type and color, with manual and mechanical sorting, after which they are ground up in a wet grinder.

The scraps are transported to a washing plant, where – after pre-wash and drain – caustic cleaning and further sorting in saline medium is done. After that, the clean, contamination-free, equal-sized scraps are transferred to a spin dryer, after which a special drying equipment ensures that the prescribed humidity content of the material is reached. The plant is also equipped a special post-preparation separating technique, where labels are removed retrospectively from various appliances. This is followed by color separation and metal removal, after which the final cleansing is done in a special separator, using electrostatic fields. In the regranulation plant, the washed scraps become granules, where the optimal viscosity is reached with multiple recrystallizations, temperature regulation and other operations.

The plant capacity is 6,000 tonnes/year for producing washed scraps, and 2,000-3,000 tonnes/year for producing regranules.

As a new project, the plant also processes the washed PET scraps into various tubular products directly, through a single-screw extruder, as we consider repeated product manufacturing as the future of waste management.