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Machinio is a global search engine for finding used machinery and equipment. Our comprehensive database contains more active machinery listings than any other website.

Over 475,000 interested machinery buyers from 190 countries visit Machinio.com each month, making us the #1 online resource for finding machinery. Using our proprietary technology, we connect buyers with thousands of global sellers and accelerate the sale of their second-hand equipment.


400 000 tonnes of beverage cartons recycled in Europe

Europe: The recycling rate for beverage cartons continues to rise in Europe. The average rate reached 44% in 2015, according to the industry association Alliance for Beverage Cartons (ACE), a 1% increase compared to the previous year.

British consumers admit confusion over recycling


Plastic wrapping, mobile phones and disposable coffee cups top the list of items people are uncertain about, poll finds.

British consumers admit that they are confused about exactly what household waste they can recycle, a new poll reveals, with plastic wrapping, mobile phones and disposable coffee cups at the top of their list.


Automated sorting equipment ‘can recover flexible packaging’


New research in the US has found that flexible packaging can be easily recovered for recycling in single-stream facilities when automated sorting systems are properly tweaked and optimised.

The first phase of the research, sponsored by the Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF) group, aimed to use common sorting components already in materials recycling facilities to better separate flexible plastic packaging and paper fibre — an ongoing and serious frustration for recyclers.


Welcome to Fe-Group Invest Zrt.’s new website

As of April 1st 2016 we welcome waste paper, PET and film from private individuals.

More information:  Zsolt Lázár Phone: +36/20-393-6733

Sharp rise in UK rejected household recycling


Rejected household rubbish put out for recycling in the UK has increased by 84% over the past four years, government figures show.

According to a BBC Freedom of Information request, councils were unable to recycle 338,000 tons of waste in 2014-15 – up from about 184,000 tons in 2011-12.

But Department for Environment data shows total recycled waste rose from 10.7m to 11m tonnes a year in the period.

Councils say they are working to stop people putting the wrong items in bins


Recovering sugar from juice industry to make bioplastics


Four years of research have led to a biodegradable prototype juice bottle made from sugars recovered from wastewater from the juice industry. But will this become a commercial proposition, asks James Snodgrass in this feature for Plastics News Europe.

In the last 20 years the market for fruit juices, and blended drinks containing fruit juice, has rocketed, mostly at the expense of sugary, carbonated drinks because consumers have been looking for an alternative that is considered healthier and “more natural”.


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