At the current rate of consumption, we are using up our planet’s resources faster than they are being replenished. In order to achieve sustainable economic growth, it is essential to perform a complex change in approach to waste management. This is the first step on the path to circular economy prescribed by the European Union.

Highlighting opportunities within waste

FE-Group offers complex, comprehensive waste management services to its partners, contributing to compliance with environmental obligations in relation to waste, as well as the implementation of said obligations.
Fortified by decades of experience, we ensure that waste management is done professionally, aiming to recover waste in its material wherever possible. During handling, depositing only occurs if absolutely necessary.

Our complex waste management operations support our partners in further extending their business network and ensures business stability.

Our operations

We assess, specify and grade all waste types produced during the operations of the client.
On the basis of the assessment, and following an examination of the technologies, we make a recommendation on the use of waste-prevention techniques and/or the reduction of the hazardousness of the waste generated.

After on-site pre-treatment of the waste generated (decontamination, de-volumisation), the primary preference is to recover the waste in its material. This is followed by the provision of a thermal recovery option and, only in the most urgent cases, disposal by landfilling.

According to the above, we develop a complex waste management system for the client, and determine the system’s equipment and human resource requirements.

We provide the storage units (containers, collection reservoirs) and material handling equipment necessary to operate the system. We develop the transport logistics to ensure that legal requirements are met.
Finally, on behalf of the client, but in their place, we fulfill the mandatory data reporting requirements as prescribed by law.