WEEE – Waste electronic and electrical equipments

One of our main activities of the company is to collect and to recycle waste electronic and electrical equipments. To fulfill its task Fe-Group offers consulting activity and collecting equipments.

The company has its own means of transport and a special fleet of vehicles to collect the waste.

In our WEEE plant we use manual and automatic sorting in order to separate all recyclable materials, which are subsequently transferred to domestic metal processors. The technology meets the requirements of the WEEE-LABEX standard. In May 2010 we installed a state-of-art CRT dismantling equipment with a capacity of 80 CRT tubes/hour. During the process the non-hazardous front glass is safely separated from the hazardous funnel glass.

(4 000 tons/year/1 shift)

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Gergely Kalocsai


FAX: +36/1-431-7929

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