Waste Plastic (PET, HDPE)

The collection and the pretreatment of the plastic waste are specialized, this:

–  Fe-Group is responsible for the treatment of the plastic waste (mainly PET and HDPE) that is collected selectively from the residential areas.

One of our main activities is to recycle post-consumer PET bottles.

Using modern technology the bottles are sorted by color and grinded, followed by a hot-wash process resulting in top quality PET flakes. We can produce PET regranulates from PET flakes as a result of years of technological developments and innovation. Our PET regranulates has received food contact certificate from EFSA,

the European Food Safety Authority. Our regranulates has proved that it is not considered of any safety concern even when used up to 100 % for the manufacture of material and articles for contact with food.


In Hungary our company is the market leader in PET bottle recycling.

(7 000 tons/year/2 shifts)

HDPE materials

Containers from residential selective waste streams are sorted, grinded and sold to plastic processors.

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Márk Milyacski

Mobile: +3670/509-5463

FAX: +36/1-264-3581

E-mail: sales@fegroup.hu

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