Secondary material and product sale

1. Secondary raw materials from PET

  • PET flakes (transparent, mixed-color, green, blue)
  • PET regranulates (transparent, mixed-color, green, blue)

As a result of years of technological developments and innovation our PET regranulates has received food contact certificate from EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority. Our regranulates has proved that it is not considered of any safety concern even when used up to 100% for the manufacture of material and articles for contact with food.

  • PO heavy, PO light
  • Fine PET flakes


Márk Milyacski
Mobile: +3670/509-5463
FAX: +36/1-264-3581
E-mail: sales@fegroup.hu

2. Product or secondary material from LDPE film and other plastic waste:

  • Film agglomerate
  • Other & engineer plastic ( PP,PS,PE, PVC, PC, ABS)


Sándor Tóth
FAX: +36/1-264-3581
E-mail: folia@fegroup.hu

3. Product from waste electronic and electrical equipments

  • Waste iron
  • Waste Aluminium
  • Waste Cupric
  • PCB
  • Electronic parts
  • Waste glass


Rita Mikola
FAX: +36/1-431-7929
E-mail: mikola.rita@fegroup.hu

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