Fe-Group Invest Ltd.                    

             „Work with us to protect our environment!”

Our Company – owned by two Hungarian private individuals – has been present on the waste management market since 1994. Our goal is to provide a complex high level service for our partners. As a result of investing in technological development and employing highly-skilled professionals we established a modern site, using the best available technology in order to preserve their value for the processing industry. With continuous investment we aim to achieve the highest possible level of recovery.


We operate on a site in Budapest and carry out the following activities:

  • collection and recovery of PET bottles, producing secondary raw material (flakes and regranulates)
  • baling and grinding films (LDPE) and household containers (HDPE)
  • collection, sorting and baling of waste paper
  • collection and baling of used beverage cans
  • collection and pre-treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • collection of different waste fractions from municipal streams
  • providing services in planning selective waste management systems

Our partners:

  • health care, educational and governmental institutions
  • chain stores, commercial enterprises
  • product manufacturers and dealers
  • municipal service providers
  • waste collectors
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