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What is Machinio?

Machinio is a global search engine for finding used machinery and equipment. Our comprehensive database contains more active machinery listings than any other website.

Over 475,000 interested machinery buyers from 190 countries visit Machinio.com each month, making us the #1 online resource for finding machinery. Using our proprietary technology, we connect buyers with thousands of global sellers and accelerate the sale of their second-hand equipment.

Recent Sales

Why buyers search on Machinio

  • It’s free for buyers to use.
  • Machinio has the largest database of used machines for sale.
  • You can search every machine from tens of thousands of sellers around the world without ever leaving our website.
  • We cover all major categories of machinery including: construction, farming, metalworking, processing, printing, woodworking, test and laboratory equipment.
  • To see how it works, click here.

Why sellers list on Machinio

  • No commissions.
  • We are the most popular online resource for used industrial machinery and heavy equipment.
  • Each month, over 475,000 highly interested machinery buyers visit Machinio.com.
  • We already work with thousands of sellers and accelerate the sale of their equipment.
  • Our buyers come from every region of the world.
  • For more information on adding equipment, click here.
What people say about us

We have been receiving great leads from Machinio, resulting in 2 incremental sales from new customers this past quarter, plus adding valuable new overseas customers to our database. The deals have been smooth and it is a pleasure to work with Machinio.Steve, Process Plant Network (Australia)

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