400 000 tonnes of beverage cartons recycled in Europe

Europe: The recycling rate for beverage cartons continues to rise in Europe. The average rate reached 44% in 2015, according to the industry association Alliance for Beverage Cartons (ACE), a 1% increase compared to the previous year.

The total recovery rate for this packaging type including energy recovery fell slightly, however, down to 74% from 76% in 2014.

Absolute volumes of recycled beverage cartons also decreased from 420 000 tonnes in 2014 to roughly 400 000 tonnes last year and processed at more than twenty European paper mills. ACE sees clear room for improvement, noting that in EU member states with efficient separate collection systems for packaging waste, the recycling of beverage cartons can reach up to 70%.

‘We suggest collecting all packaging separately, combined with a ban on landfilling packaging waste’, stresses the organisation’s director general Annick Carpentier. ‘Legal obligations such as these would provide much needed security for investment in recycling infrastructure’, she points out.



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